Allan Merovitz Performer Storyteller Actor

Curriculum Vitae

Allan Merovitz: Playwright, Musician and Theatre Artist

CAEA Member

Performance: Theatre


Oh The World Will Get Better

Narrator / Singer

Directed by Lisa Marie di Liberto and

Ruth Howard, Jumblies Theatre,

Davenport Perth Community Centre, Toronto

Rascals and Numskulls

Square Dance Caller

Ben Franklin, Tyler, Singer, British Soldier, Cabinet Member, Morden


by Ron Weihs, Artword Theatre,

Hamilton Ontario

You Are What You Do

Ensemble and Solo singer, Plumber, Punch Press

Operator, Union Rep, High Steel Painter

Directed by Ron Weihs, Artword Theatre,

Hamilton Ont.

If Cows Could Fly

(One-man show with

klezmer music ensemble)

Journey from Eastern Europe to Canada

Multiple Characters

Directed by Ronald Weihs of Artword Theatre,

Irving Greenberg Theatre Centre, Ottawa

Ashkenaz Festival, Toronto


Rosse, Witch

Directed by Estelle Shook, Caravan Farm Theatre, Armstrong BC

Lawren Harris, Framing The Urban Canvas

Multiple characters, Singer, Musician

(workshop) Directed by Paul Noble
The Trane Club, Toronto

Morituri / Teias

Multiple characters

Directed by Cathy Edwards
Glenbow Museum Theatre, Calgary

The Magic Fish

Narrator / Singer

Directed by Ruth Howard, Jumblies Theatre, Davenport Perth Community Centre, Toronto

If Cows Could Fly

One-man show
(multiple characters, singer, musician)

Directed by Ronald Weihs, Artword Theatre, Toronto; Theatre in the Ruins, St. Norbert, Man.; European Tour; Canadian Tour

The Wedding Bard / Der Badchan

One-man show (narrator, musician, singer, MC)

Toronto(26 performances),Calgary
Amsterdam,Culomberg,Kampen, Utrecht, Holland

Hands Up! The Bill Miner Story

Shorty Dunn

Directed by Nick Hutchinson, Caravan Stage, BC

Romeo and Juliet

Father Capulet / Multiple roles

Directed by Nick Hutchinson, Caravan Farm Theatre, BC

Marat Sade

Maitre Coulmier

Directed by Michelle George, Equity Showcase Theatre, CAEA Production Toronto

Caucasian Chalk Circle


Directed by Nick Hutchinson, Caravan Stage, BC


Multiple roles

Directed by Ronald Weihs, Island Stage, Duncan BC

Jacob Kepp

Multiple roles

Directed by Andras Tahn, 25th St. Theatre, Saskatoon

The Splendor and Death of Joaquin Murrietta

Multiple roles

Directed by Sylvia Tucker, Canadian Stage, Toronto

The Coady Co-op Show

The Mulgrave Road Show

Multiple roles

The Mulgrave Road Co-Op Theatre Co
Guysborough, Nova Scotia


Performance: Film and Television


Adventures in Babysitting

Supporting role: Man with a gun

Directed by Chris Columbus, Feature Film, Warner Bros.


Supporting role: Coachman / teamster

TV series, Insight Productions

Horse-Drawn Magic

Multiple Roles (character)

Directed by Dorothy Henault, Full length documentary, National Film Board,

And Miles to Go

Supporting role: Culozzi

Feature film, CBC Toronto

Car 54 Where are you?


Supporting role: Musician / Singer

Feature film, Independent Productions

Footsteps in the Snow

Principal role

Independent feature film, Montreal

Canadian Heritage Series (TV)

Principal role: Sea Captain

Directed by Pierre Berton, CBC Toronto

The Bill Miner Story

Principal role: Shorty Dunn

Full-length radio drama, CBC Radio, Vancouver

The Cody Co-Op Show

Principal roles & Musician

Music Maritimes, CBC Radio, Halifax

The Caucasian Chalk Circle

Principal role: Narrator

CBC Radio, Calgary


Performance:  Storytelling 2010 and Highlights


2010 – Dec. 11, Prairie Skies House concert, Origins of Channukah

music by KlezMerovitz Quartet ( Garry Sylverter – accordion, Frank Rackow – clarinet & sax, Jonathan Lewish – violin , Allan Merovitz – vocals and percussion )

2010 – Dec. 8 ,T.A.L.E.S. - Calgary , Aaron Hart and the 1st Channukah in Canada 1759

Music by Allan Merovitz, vocals, drumming and dance leader

2010 – Dec. 4 , Temple B'nai Tikveh , Calgary, Origins of Channukah  & Aaron Hart - 1st Channukah in Canada 1759

music by KlezMerovitz

2010 - Nov. 26- The Potato and the Jewish Connection, Unitarian Church of Edmonton

music by KlezMerovitz Quartet,( Greg Rumpel – accordion, Garry Sylvester – sax & clarinet, Jonathan Lewish – Violin, Allan Merovitz – vocals, Percussion, dance leader )

2010 Nov. 28 - Heritage Park , Calgary, Origins of Channukah

music by KlezMerovitz ( Frank Rackow – clarinet & sax, Greg Rumpel – accordion, Jonathan Lewis – violin, Robin Tufts – drums, Stefano Valdo – Bass ,Allan Merovitz – vocals , Percussion)

2010 – Unitarian Church of Montreal, Que. Benefit for Haiti Relief , Various Stories

music by Merovitz Trio ( Mark Simon – clarinet, Henri Oppenheim – Accordion, Allan Merovitz – vocals & percussion )

2010 – Gesu Music at Noon Series

Music by Allan Merovitz & Sima Shamsi ( voclas , percussion & keyboard)

2010 – Auberge de la Caravan , North Hatley, Que., Various Stories & Anecdotes

music by Merovitz Trio ( Sergiu Popa – accordion , Jessica Gill – violin, Allan Merovitz – vocals & percussion & harmonicas )

  2010 – Gesu Music at Noon Series, Gesu Church Montreal, Que.

Merovitz Trio ( Mark Simon – clarinet, Henri Oppenheim – accordion, Allan Merovitz – vocals , percussion, dance leader )

2010 – Temple Emmanuel , Montreal , Que., Various Stories

Merovitz Duo (Sima Shamsi – keyboard, Allan Merovitz – vocals , percussion, dance )

2010 Heritage Park, Little Synagogue on the Prairies ,Calgary , Heritage Day 2010, Allan Merovitz tells Jewish Mystical Wonder Tales

music by Allan Merovitz, self – accompanied – vocals & harmonicas, dance leader

2010 – Starbelly Jam Music Festival, Crawford Bay, B.C., Allan Merovitz & Friends

Frank Rackow – clarinet & sax, Ben Rackow – Double Bass, Ben Johnson – drums, darbukah, oud, santour (Iranian dulcimer), Bessie Wapp- accordion, vocals, drum, Allan Merovitz – vocals, percussion, harmonicas

2010 – Rose Sharlin School – 50 Anniversary Concert, L.A., California, Stories & Songs

Music and vocals by Allan Merovitz

   2010- March 27- 60 th Birthday Party, Stories & Songs, Lennoxville House Party, Lennoxville , Quebec

Music and vocals by Allan Merovitz

1992—2010 – Esther the Brave (A Yiddish Fantasy) various locations national and international

Music and vocals by Allan Merovitz, Martin van de Ven, Sasha Luminsky, Brian Katz and others

1991—2002 –Hartzedike Lider/ Heartsongs  -  Canadian  Tales & Stories national and international  

Music and vocals by Allan Merovitz, Martin van de Ven, and Brian Katz

1998 –Tzint Di Nacht / Light Up the Night, Holland tour

Music by Ot Azoj Klezmer Band, Amsterdam and Allan Merovitz





If Cows Could Fly

(One-man show with klezmer music ensemble)
Journey from Eastern Europe to Canada.

Artword Theatre, Toronto (directed by Ronald Weihs); Yiddish Festival, Theatre in the Ruins (St. Norbert’s, Man.); Fringe Festival Tour (Western Canada); Young People’s Theatre, Toronto (directed by Michael Puttonen); Euro Tour (Berlin, Hanover, Rinteln, Hamlin, Canadian & British Forces bases Germany)

Tzind On Di Nacht (Light up The Night)

(Original Channukah story/drama with music

6th International Yiddish Festival, Amsterdam, Holland
Euro-tour (10 cities) with Ot Azoj Klezmer Band from Amsterdam

The Wedding Bard / Der Badchan

(Interactive re-creation of old-time Jewish wedding led by jester/ story-teller/ keeper of traditions. With klezmer music ensemble.

Tarragon Theatre (Spring Arts Fair); 2nd International Yiddish Festival, Amsterdam, Holland; Euro Tour (Amsterdam, Utrecht, Groningen, Culemborg, Brussels, Antwerp, Maastricht, Zwolle); Wedding-in-the-Park, Toronto

Hartzedike Lider (Heartsongs)

(Original stories and Yiddish songs)

Ashkenaz Festival, Toronto; Euro-Tour (Belgium and Holland);
1st International Yiddish Festival, Amsterdam, Holland

Esther The Brave (A Yiddish Fantasy)

(Interactive dance/ theatre/ musical)

Darchai Noam Synagogue, Toronto, and Holland

The Ist Channukah in Canada 1759, or How Aaron Hart Helped the British Win the War

Temple B’nai Tikveh Congregation, Calgary, Alberta

Chanukah and Herschel (adapted from I.B. Singer)

Young Peoples Theatre, Directed by Joel Greenberg

Yuk Bubba Goes North

The Theatre Centre / New Works, Toronto

Something From Nothing

Co-written with Chris Bryden

(DORA AWARD winner)
Cascade Theatre Co., Toronto, Directed by Jerry Silver

The Theory of Relatives

(Collective creation)

(DORA AWARD winner)
Tarragon Theatre, Toronto, Directed by Daniel Brooks


Performed with various Klezmer  / Yiddish  / Traditional Eastern European bands, including:

Merovitz Project - band co-leader, lead singer and percussion

Klezmerovitzband leader, singer and percussion

Hartzedike-Lider / HeartsongsSongs and Stories by Allan Merovitz and Brian Katz

Simcha Klezmer Bandband leader, lead singer and percussion

The Flying BulgarKlezmer Bandlead singer and percussion

Chutzpahlead singer, percussion

Beyond the Paleguest vocalist


Music Festivals: Canada and International

Ashkenaz Festival, Toronto Ontario

CBC Concerts, Calgary Alberta

MontrealInternational Jazz Festival, Montreal Quebec

Winnipeg Folk Festival, Winnipeg Manitoba

VancouverFolk Festival, Vancouver British Columbia

Mission Folk Festival, Mission British Columbia

Victoria Music Festival, Victoria British Columbia

Starbelly Jam Music Festival, Crawford Bay British Columbia

Folk On The Rocks, Yellowknife

München Volksfest, Munich, Germany

World of Music and Dance, Morcam by the Bay, UK

and other Canadian Folk Festivals (Lunenburg, Halifax, Yarmouth, Saint John, Moncton, Charlottetown, Drummondville, Ottawa)




If Cows Could Fly: The Soundtrack   upcoming release

The Wedding Bard / Der Badchan: Wedding from the Stage   upcoming release

Merovitz Project:  Live in Montreal  Winner of Radio Canada’s Galaxy Award for Montreal World Music 2009

KlezMerovitz.  self titled

The Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band. self titled

Agada: The Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band

Ot Azoj Klezmer Band (Amsterdam):  Channukah / Festival of Lights featuring Allan Merovitz

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