Allan Merovitz Performer Storyteller Actor

Allan Merovitz is recognized as a "Keeper of Memories" in communities that have experienced his in depth knowledge of Jewish stories (Fairytales, Wondertales, Traditional Religious Allegory, Legends, Folktales, Humorous, Supernatural, see his curriculum vitae for details).  Though it is true that stories are taken for the most part from Jewish tradition, they are not about being Jewish!  What Allan brings alive in these performances is the universal human quality that connects all people and cultures in the grand family of humans on this fragile Earth. In a  world of diminishing resources, environmental degradation, regional wars and  religious fundamentalism, stories well crafted show us that instead of separating and living in fear, we can be generous, kind, loving, open and friendly.

In 2010 his tale of The Pirate Princess, an interactive story involving many children and a few large (read "adult") kids, was a huge success at the Starbelly Jam Festival in Crawford Bay, B.C.  For the 2010 performance, Allan played with local vunder kinder Bessie Wapp from Nelson B.C., Ben Jonson from Riondel B.C., Frank Rakow of Calgary, Alberta, and Frank's son Ben Rakow, also from Calgary.  Storytelling creations like this one always include supporting instrumentalists and vocalists, either locally or accompanying Allan to the performance venue, and the story is interactive, with audience members taking on roles and helping to weave the tale with each other.

Having told stories nationally and internationally for over 40 years, Allan has won many fans and supporters.  He and his band will create for you an experience that your children and community will remember.  This format is perfect for Spring, Summer, or Fall music and cultural festivals.

Allan's contact email is listed on the CV page as a non-clickable link to cut down on spam.  No one likes spam, do they?  Feh! 

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